Dakshina performs at UMBC

Dakshina is proud to be invited to perform at Singh’s alma mater University of Maryland Baltimore County

Friday October 5th and Saturday October 6th
at 8:00 pm

Dakshina is excited to be invited to perform at UMBC as part of their featured programs in the Fall of 2012. Singh graduated from UMBC in the late 90s with a degree in Dance. He met his mentor and life long friend Pamela Mathews while taking dance classes at UMBC.

For the UMBC performance, Dakshina will present a signature program featuring Bharata Natyam, Modern Dance and Singh’s signature fusion of the two forms. The program opens with a Bharata Natyam dance staged on the Dakshina dancers by the legendary Leela Samson. The program continues with Singh’s fusion work Vasanth, and will close with Anna Sokolow’s masterpiece “Lyric Suite”.

Sarah Kaufman, the Pulitzer price winning chief critic at the Washington Post writes: “Few dance artists have practiced the creativity of subtraction as successfully as Anna Sokolow. The power in her works from the mid-20th century stems from a mix of space, absence, anticipation — and the sudden move that changes everything…Thanks to Singh’s efforts, and the staging by former Sokolow dancer Lorry May, we’ve seen a good handful of Sokolow pieces on local stages. Although they have all offered a testimonial to the aesthetics of simplicity, none delivers it more pungently than Lyric Suite.” Read the most recent review of Lyric Suite here.