Fund Raiser for Jamal Black

Dear Friends,
One of Dakshina and EDGEWORKS Dance Theater’s lead dancers and a community anchor, Jamal Ari Black is recovering from Meningitis. As is typical of most of the dance community, he is without health insurance. He is expected to spend a minimum of two weeks in the hospital. Following the hospital stay, he will need many weeks of intense medical treatment and physical therapy to fully recover. Jamal has been a generous artist, foregoing his own welfare to give us the gift of his dance. Now it is our turn to support Jamal. Your generous donation is needed to help Jamal meet his medical and living expenses.

For those of you who don’t know Jamal, he is a rare person who balances his artistry with kindness, gentleness and warmth for everyone. ALL proceeds raised through this effort will go directly toward Jamal’s medical expenses and recuperation. Dakshina, in collaboration with EDGEWORKS Dance Theater, is only facilitating the fund raiser as a community effort, and will not withhold any portion of these funds. We need your help in supporting our dear dancer–no gift is too small or too big. Every bit helps. Please spread the word and rally around Jamal.
Thank you for donating.

If you would like to mail a check instead of making an online donation, please send your check to:
Jamal Black Fund
4607 Georgia Ave NW
Washington DC 20011

The Dakshina Family & EDGEWORKS Dance Theater