Dhananjayans Workshop 2014

Dakshina is proud to welcome Dhananjayan Anna and Shanta Akka to DC again

This is a golden opportunity to interact and learn directly from the all time greats of a living tradition of Indian classical performing art – Bharata Natyam. Only for a limited number of participants, register immediately to avoid disappointments. We recommend students at the Arangetrum level or higher as the workshop will be quite intense physically and in the content.

To the Dhananjayans, the realization of their art is both a philosophy and a religion. From a modest start to establishing their own dance academy, it has been a story of deep commitment, fervor and dedication. Bharata Kalanjali has emerged as a full-fledged academy of dance and music with a repertory fashioned out of its own students and graduates.

Partners on and off stage, the Dhananjayans perform with a rare togetherness, born of years as a dancing couple. Shanta is his perfect partner in life as well as in art. Lack of conflicts in dance is a result of the mutual understanding, which has grown over the years.

Despite dancing together for 50 years, the Dhananjayans complement each other beautifully in their personal life and manage to keep routine and boredom at bay by working on varied themes, involving themselves in different projects, collaborations and workshops apart from being totally involved in guiding their students’ recitals.

Registration Fees
The workshop fee is $500
No refunds are possible
Register online today:

Participants will learn a Nritta based Padam or a Tillana. The master teachers will decide based on the group makeup.

Workshop Sessions
Dates: Nov 9–11, 2014
Sunday Nov 9: 2-4 pm and 5:30 to 7:30 pm (Two sessions)
Monday Nov 10: 7:30 to 9:30 pm
Tuesday Nov 11: 7:30 to 9:30 pm

Silver Spring, Maryland (Metro Accessible)