Sujit Vaidya in Solo Performance

Featuring Sujit Vaidya from Vancouver, BC

SujitCroppedSaturday November 8th at 6:00 pm
in the Forum Theater of the Sidney Harmon Hall

Sujit Vaidya is a freelance Bharata Natyam performer based in Vancouver, BC. He completed initial training in the dance form under the tutelage of Jai Govinda of Mandala Arts and Culture, in Vancouver, BC. He continues to train in the dance form in Chennai, India, under the able guidance of A. Lakshman, founder and artistic director of Nrithyakalahana.

Sujit has performed extensively in Canada at various events and festivals, including the BC Victory Ceremony at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and the Contemporary Dance Festival in Ottawa. He has worked with local and international dance companies and choreographers, and has been a part of solo, duet, and group productions, showcased in Canada, US, Europe, and India.

In 2010, Sujit became the very first South Asian dancer to receive the Vancouver city Mayor’s award, as best emerging artist in dance. He has gone on to dance at the prestigious Khajuraho dance festival in India, and present solo recitals at the Annual Chennai Dance Season.

In May 2014, Sujity’s first full length choreography was featured as part of Shakti dance company’s production 5 faces. Sujit continues in his pursuit to bring excellence in his dance presentations and represent the dance form in it’s purest essence. He is currently working on a solo production, to be featured in the spring of 2015.