Dakshina at Dance Place 2017

Dance Place (Buy Tickets)
Saturday July 29th at 8 pm
Sunday July 30th at 7 pm

3225 8th Street NE
Washington DC 20017

FridaCircle400x266Dakshina/Daniel Phoenix Singh Dance Company will perform two Sokolow dances: “Homenaje a David Siqueiros” and “Ballade,” as well as a hybrid work “Chakra: showcasing the company’s multiple social interests and backgrounds. Siqueiros is based on the Mexican revulotionary painter, and is particularly timely as it draws on the painter’s own text combined with several other poets to remind us that art is a powerful tool for resistance against oppression. Ballade, is a light and airy summery dance that explores the joy of relationships in an abstract quartet. In Chakra, you will see excerpts of hybridity that combines modern dance and Bharata Natyam into a syncretic dance work and the full work will be performed at Dance Place in July 2018.

Dakshina’s concert was the Pulitzer prize winning Sarah Kaufman’s critic’s pick in the Summer dance programming. In her preview of the show, she writes: “For nearly 20 years, Singh has had a fascination with the dances of Sokolow, a pioneering mid-20th-century American choreographer. It started when he saw her 1945 solo “Kaddish,” and was moved by its sharp, condensed melancholy. Sokolow, who died in 2000, was a former Martha Graham dancer known for dark musings on the Holocaust and alienation in urban society. She also choreographed the off-Broadway “Hair,” among other stage works, and taught Pina Bausch, Jerome Robbins and Martha Clarke.

Sokolow’s influence was wide. She spent much of the 1940s in Mexico, organizing its first modern dance company. In later years, she returned there to stage her works and create new ones drawing on the country’s art and politics. In 1988, she was awarded Mexico’s Aztec Eagle Honor, the highest civilian honor given to a foreigner.

Over the years, Sokolow befriended painters Kahlo and her husband, Diego Rivera, as well as Siqueiros, a politically active and frequently jailed muralist.”

The Sokolow Foundation reconstructions are funded in part by the National Endowments for the Arts and by the DC Commission on Arts and Humanities. Buy tickets here: Dance Place