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Dakshina/Daniel Phoenix Singh Dance Company is an emerging dance company that performs and presents Indian dance forms, such as Bharata Natyam, and Modern dance, mirroring the multiple identities of second generation South Asians. The company combines the arts with social justice issues both by incorporating the themes into our work and via partnerships with local community centers and schools.


The vision of Dakshina/Daniel Phoenix Singh Dance Company is to explore and present dance in its complexity and multiplicity, celebrating tradition while constantly creating new vocabularies in movement and dance, evolving to newer and higher standards.

The mission of Dakshina/Daniel Phoenix Singh Dance Company is to:

  1. Experience dance as a system of communication, one that transcends boundaries, cultures, and time.
  2. Explore the definition of dance within the United States and to connect Indian, Latin, Social, and Modern dance forms to personal movement experiences, whether pedestrian, athletic, or artistic; we will show how dance is universally accessible.
  3. Engage in dance not only as a means for aesthetic and artistic growth, but also as a vehicle for social change and community development.