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FootlightsDC Review


Thank the gods of my past for guiding me. I saw the name Anna Sokolow, not just a modern dancer, but a Martha Graham dancer and choreographer, and I had to go to “Dakshina,” last night, to the dance concert that only has one more performance tonight. In “Vasanth,” choreographed by Daniel Singh in 2011, the Indian myth of how Spring descends to earth, fusing Bharata Natyam and Modern Dance is recreated. The dancers then take a breath and plunge into “reconstructions” of Sokolow’s Frida, that moved me to tears, based on Kahlo’s paintings, followed by a premiere of the terrifyingly stoical Homage to the surrealist painter David Alfaro Sigueiros (1984), based on text from poets Pablo Neruda, Rafael Alberti, Paul Eluard, and Rodolfo Mier Tonche. I urge anyone interested in communication through multi-media and modern dance fusion to go tonight. If you have ever traveled or lived in Mexico City, you will respond viscerally to the memory of Sigueiros’ depictions of massacres (matanzas)-revolutions. I studied the Graham technique years ago and could see how Graham was influenced by the “flexed foot” dancing style. I was thrust into temporary Nirvana by the realization. Viva the GALA where the past is always new.

Rosalind L MacLennan
For FootlightsDC