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Washington City Paper 2008

Dakshina / Daniel Phoenix Singh Dance Company
Saturday, May 10, and Sunday May 11 at Dance Place
by Nick Green

Daniel Phoenix Singh’s choreography neatly encapsulates his heritage (Indian classical dance), his formal training (modern dance), and whatever else seems to be capturing his imagination. Singh’s inquisitive spirit is unrivaled in the local dance community—his company, Dakshina, has an excellent track record when it comes to drawing all sorts of logical connections between forms that don’t seem like natural allies on paper, and Singh’s choreography is refreshingly earthy. The centerpiece of Dakshina’s latest program is Bell Song, Singh’s graceful experiment in fusing the traditional steps of Bharata Natyam and modern movement while preserving the essential characteristics of both styles. Dakshina is also partnering with the Sokolow Foundation and one of Anna Sokolow’s former principal dancers, Lorry May, to stage three key Sokolow pieces, including the Holocaust elegy Kaddish. Considering Sokolow’s radical politics, this may seem like an odd coupling, but Singh’s heartfelt approach owes everything to Sokolow’s mission to imbue every movement with feeling.

THE PERFORMANCES BEGIN AT 8 P.M. SATURDAY, MAY 10, AND 7 P.M. SUNDAY, MAY 11, AT DANCE PLACE 3225 8TH ST. NE. $22. (202) 269-1600. May. 9 – 15, 2008 (Washington City Paper Vol. 28, #19)