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Washington Post 2006

‘Dakshina’: A Lively ‘Offering’ of Indian Dance
Monday, October 30, 2006;
Washington Post, Page C05

The centuries-old tradition of Indian dance was as vibrant as ever during Saturday’s installment of the Fall Festival of Indian Arts at the Lincoln Theatre.

The aptly titled “Dakshina: An Offering,” performed by D.C.-based groups Dakshina/Daniel Phoenix Singh & Company and Kuchipudi Kalanidhi, brimmed with generous, celebratory spirit.

The dancers executed small, highly nuanced finger movements with impressive speed and clarity, and the timing of their footwork was crisp and precise.

In “Sva Kranti: The Revolution Within,” Mallika Sarabhai of India used dance, theater, song and even video imagery to tell the stories of women who inspired her by fighting against social injustice.

Sarabhai is a capable and compelling solo performer. Even when she stood still, she commanded the stage.

However, she played a number of different characters but was unable to make them distinct from one another. Were she a more versatile actress, the already powerful stories in this work would have been even more poignant.

Sarah Halzack
Washington Post